Injury prevention for active people

2 Must Have Tools For Every Active Person

Have foot pain? What about tight muscles? Do you creek and crack when you take your first few steps in the morning? The aches and pains are likely due to a combination of tight muscles and connective tissue. Thankfully, the solution is usually easy: mobility training.

Since you’re reading my blog, it is likely that you are well versed on the benefits of doing regular exercise like running or strength training. However, most of the clients I have worked with are a little less sure what to do when it comes to stretching and other restorative modalities.

As someone who had a long, hard battle with hamstring tightness and plantar fasciitis, I can tell you that making mobility training a regular part of your exercise program is time well spent.

Ways Mobility Training Can Benefit You

Prevent injury
Relief muscle tension
Increase range of motion
Improve technique
Improve recovery

How to Fit Mobility Training Into Your Workout

There are many ways to do this, but this is what works best for me.

Roll your feet first thing in the morning. I do this while I am eating breakfast or watching the news. It doesn’t take long, I roll each foot for about 1 minute or 50 “passes” before I head out to walk the dog. The wooden tool pictured below is my favorite because I can use it on the hard wood floor without losing it 🙂 (unlike a golf ball).

Foam roll after cardio, before strength training, stretch after strength training. While I also do a few quick stretches after all workouts (including cardio), I find that I feel best if I foam roll instead. I have also found that if I foam roll before my strength workouts I have better range of motion and am less sore. I follow a very similar routine as the one pictured below and do 8-10 passes for each muscle group. In total, it takes under 10 minutes. I foam roll at least 5 times per week and have had a noticeable increase in my flexibility and a decrease in my morning “achy-ness.”

How to Foam Roll

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photo credit:
Paris Juin 2010 (105) via photopin (license)