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3 Supplements to Help You Burn Fat

Almost everyone at some point in their life will be looking to lose a few pounds. Sometimes weight loss efforts are driven by a health scare or sudden wake up call, and other times you just want to look good for your upcoming vacation. Regardless of your motivation, it’s always nice to know how to make the most of your nutrition and exercise efforts and the supplements listed below can do just that.

Before I get into that, it is important to remember that yo-yo dieting (i.e. having a weight that fluctuates 10 or more pounds during the year) will cause damage to your metabolism (check out my post on the Secret to Lasting Weight Loss), so constantly going on a diet only to regain the weight is not the answer! The real solution lies in a healthy lifestyle that incorporates daily exercise, proper sleep, and diet that is balanced and nutrient dense (this post provides examples of what I am talking about). When the proper foundation of exercise, rest and nutrition is in place, supplements can help you get maximum results in the shortest possible amount of time.

3 Supplements to Help You Burn Fat

Green Coffee Bean Extract helps regulate blood sugar and support the breakdown of fat reserves for energy. Carb Ease Plus by Advocare contains Green Coffee Bean Extract along with other nutritional supplements to help support weight management and body composition.

Green Tea Extract is rich in polyphenols, flavanols and catechins- specifically Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and has been shown to boost the metabolism by increasing thermogenesis (the process by which the body heats itself) and stimulating fat breakdown. Leptilean is a supplement by Advocare that includes Green Tea Extract along with other supplements to aid in boosting the metabolism and suppressing appetite.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract has been shown to increase fat oxidation and decrease appetite helping with weight management. Advocare Slim is a weight management supplement that includes Garncinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Bean extract to support fat loss and increase energy.

Remember, there is no substitute for a healthy lifestyle, but nutritional supplementation can help you make the most of all your hard work.

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