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Maintain your Training with Home Training Equipment

You might think you have to visit a fitness school when you want a workout session, but this is not always the case. Some of the exercises can be done at home, especially if JTX Fitness or another fitness shop has supplied you with some home fitness equipment. But what is the best used fitness equipment for sale for home usage? There are more options that you realise, and we would like to give you some examples of these options.

Exercise Bikes

The exercise bike is one of the most well-known types of home fitness trainers. Of course, nothing beats the open air and the wind in your face while you’re on your real bike on a nice spring day, but the exercise bike, also known as a home trainer, might be a nice alternative when the weather doesn’t allow you to get on your mountain bike or race bike. The benefit of having a home trainer is that you won’t have to rain, cold, snow and ice just to work out. You can decide for yourself how light or heavy you want the pedals to be and can gradually increase the intensity of your training. And modern home trainers will keep track of your progress and tell you the details of your training session during your training and after you are done.


A lot that was said about an exercise bike also goes for a treadmill, another popular home training device. A treadmill can go as hard as fast as you like and, as your endurance increases, you can also increase the intensity and duration of the session. You can use a treadmill as a primary means of exercise. But it’s also possible to keep the treadmill for days that your morning run or evening run is cancelled because of the weather. Via your treadmill, you’ll get your daily workout either way.

Rowers and Rowing Machines

The treadmill and exercise bike are meant for training your upper leg muscles and lower leg muscles, but rowers and rowing machines provide exercises for the muscles in your arms and shoulders. Not all athletes think of training these muscles, but you must be aware that they cannot lack behind. And while you’re at it, the exercises provided by a rower also stimulate your abdominal muscles to help.

Kettlebells, Dumbbells and other Weights

Of course, you can also get a few kettlebells and other weights and make up your own training session. With these weights, you can do a wide variety of exercises. On the internet, you can find a lot of YouTube videos and other instructions that can show you some suitable exercises for the muscles that you want to train. Weights can be used in so many ways, but be careful and know what you are doing, because the wrong execution of exercises might ruin your muscles instead of strengthening them.

Of course, most people have no room for all of these machines. That is why fitness centres are there. But having access to one of these machines when you can’t or don’t want to leave the house will make sure that you can continue your daily workouts.