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Are you ready to stop guessing when it comes to your nutrition and exercise program so you can have the RESULTS you want? Imagine what it would be like to FEEL CONFIDENT every time you look in the mirror, or waking up every morning ENERGIZED to tackle the day. Sounds too good to be true right?… WRONG!

All this and more is possible when you commit to a healthy lifestyle. No, I’m not talking about avoiding a food group or becoming a slave to the treadmill-I am talking about making small but powerful changes to your eating and exercise habits that will get help you bring you lasting results that you can maintain. The best part is that you can still have a life!

I will work with you to figure out how different foods affect your body so you will be equipped for to make the right choice in any situation. So whether you’re cooking a meal at home or joining your co-workers for lunch you will feel confident that you will be able to make the healthy choices you need to. This peace of mind is exactly what I aim to give each and everyone of my clients.

The biggest mistake that most people make when trying to lose weight is going it alone with a generic 1,200 calorie meal plan and exercise program out of a magazine… And while that is better than making no effort at all- most people cannot commit to this degree of restriction. And even if they see some results, they usually put it right back on because how they view food didn’t change.

They where simply on a diet for a little while until they weren’t anymore. They regain the weight only to repeat the cycle again and again and again. And really who can blame them?! 1,200 calories per day sucks! and you are always hungry- there is no way anyone could stick to that for any length of time.

With my clients I help them to make simple, strategic changes to their eating habits that fit into their life and their existing eating preferences. This way they can see results without feeling deprived. My clients get a complete workout and nutrition history review, and receive strategic eating and exercise recommendations along with my ongoing support to make sure they reach their goals. We meet by phone or FaceTime every 2 weeks, and as much as needed through text messaging and email.


“After only 1 week of following your advice I can see results! Before starting the program, I would put on 2/3 pounds over the weekend and lose it throughout the week. After following your suggestions, I weighed the same thing on Monday as I did on Friday. I am very pleased with my results so far!” – Maria M., TX.

“Working with Holly on my health & wellness goals was such a refreshing experience. She was receptive to my ideas, supportive of my goals and completely non-judgmental. Holly gave me tailored tips, tricks and options that really made transitioning my habits feel manageable. She is as invested in my journey today as she was the first day I sat down with her, and I know she’s always there when I need advice, an ear or a little motivation.” – Courtney L., TX.

“I came from a life of pizza, pastas, cakes and an extraordinary appetite- I love to eat! Upon following Holly’s advice I lost 40 pounds in 8 weeks. Motivation is a key ingredient and Holly gave me a lot!” – Luca S., TX.

“I feel good and have gotten to a point where I crave good food, not the junk and sugar like I did before. Thank you for your advice and support!” – Jennifer B., TX.

“Holly is wonderful! I learned so much by working with her & had many ‘a-ha’ moments by putting into practice the recommendations she suggested.” – Marla A., TX.

“I feel good. I have gotten to a point where I can say I crave good food… not junk or sugar, which is different for me.” – Jennifer B., TX

“I’ve been getting leaner, stronger and faster as a result of the program you’ve prescribed. Thanks again! ” -Jose D., TX

“I cannot that you enough for all of your great information. It has been weirdly life changing. You hear so many different things [about nutrition] and it’s nice to hear someone who actually has a passion for life and living it well.” – Laura, TX

“I have started to lose weight & my family and friends have noticed… I have gained confidence in myself.” -Samantha, TX

“I absolutely loved my experience working with Holly. It was easy to follow and food choices weren’t limited. I would recommend anyone that is getting into a fitness routine to consider this program.” 🙂 Amanda G., FL

“It was a pleasure working with Holly. She checked in with me frequently and was very responsive to any questions I had at any time. Holly gave me additional suggestions for supplements and how to plan out meals with my workouts. I was able to see results.” -Tami, TX

Ready to make a change?

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After you place your order you will be directed to the New Client Questionnaire form and given information on how to complete the 3 Day Dietary Record. I will contact you within 48 hours of completion of the New Client Questionnaire to schedule your first appointment.

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