Fat Burning Circuit Workout

5 Fat Burning Exercises (you can do anywhere)

Sort on time to workout? No more excuses! Regardless of whether or not you have time or equipment you can always fit in a quick workout.

“Too many people confine their exercise to jumping to conclusions, running up bills, stretching the truth, bending over backwards, lying down on the job, sidestepping responsibility and pushing their luck.” ~Anonymous

Below are 5 super easy exercises that can be put together for a simple, quick workout. Do a 2-5 minute warm up like a brisk walk or jumping jacks to loosen up before you get started and don’t forget to stretch when you’re done!

Do 12-15 reps of each exercise before moving on to the next. Perform the circuit with as little rest as possible. Do 3-8 rounds depending on the time you have and your current level of fitness. Do this workout 2-3 times per week on non consecutive days in combination with a sensible eating plan to maximize your results.

Fat Burning Circuit Workout

Backstep Lunge
Good for your glutes! Do it right by bending both knees at a 90 degree angle and do not let the front knee go beyond the toes.

Bench Dips
Great for the back of your arms. Do it right by keeping your hips close to the bench and moving through a full range of motion.

In & Outs
Work your entire midsection with one exercise! Balance on your tailbone and extend the feet as you lean back. Keep the belly pulled in tight!

Jump Lunge
Great for intermediate to advanced exercisers. Move with control & keep the knees over the ankles. Do not let the knee extend bound the toes & focus on jumping up as high as possible.

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.” ~Mike Murdock

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