5 numbers to remember for your health

5 Numbers to Remember for Your Health

Everyone knows that it is important to take care of your health, but I understand how overwhelming it can be to keep track of everything. There are many numbers in addition to the ones I will discuss here that can be tracked, but I chose these 3 measurements because they are easy to measure.

numbers for your health

Your Body Mass Index or BMI is the measurement of your weight relative to your height. Take you height without shoes, and your morning weight on an empty stomach and enter the numbers in the widget below.

Waist Circumference alone can be an indicator of heart disease risk because the fat we carry around our abdomen is covering our internal organs and releasing hormones. Here is a short video on how to take an accurate waist measurement.

Added sugars are one of the biggest culprits of the “Obesity Epidemic” we are facing as a population and it basically comes down to processed foods. The most important thing we can do is to eat a diet full of vegetables, fruits, lean meats and heart healthy fats while minimizing or eliminating highly proceeds foods. A great tool to generate more awareness about your food choices are the My Fitness Pal or Livestrong websites and smart phone apps. Here is a great video that illustrates some of the hidden sources of sugar is the American diet.

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