Chiara and Holly-208 Hi, I'm Holly! Certified Nutrition Coach & Personal Trainer, and welcome to my blog! If you’re looking to get fit & healthy you’ve come to the right place! This blog is all about sharing my best strategies, recipes and workouts for healthy living.

I believe that healthy living is a choice and we have the power and responsibility to choose healthy habits every day. My mission is to provide useful, and practical information to promote healthy living. I work to teach my clients eating and exercise habits that are sustainable for life.
"Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow."

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5 tips for getting healthy
sleep better

Do You Need a Sleep Makeover?

Do you sleep? … and no, I don’t mean “do you lay down in your bed and play with your iPhone”, I mean actually lying down and sleeping for 7 to 9 hours per night? Do you wake up rested? If not, then you aren’t getting the right amount of sleep for health. A healthy

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Beets in Houston Texas
thyroid cancer awareness

When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned… I Have Cancer

Have you ever felt like you’re totally in control only to be knocked right back into reality? Well that basically sums up the last 5 days of my life. As I sit here typing this, I cannot help but think about how excited I was last Monday to be working my first full day in

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Fast Food

Healthy Choices at Fast Food Chains

Let’s face it- you’re probably going to have to eat at a fast food restaurant at some point in your life, despite your best efforts not to. 😉 The trick to not throw in the towel and give up completely, you can make a healthy choice at pretty much any restaurant if you choose to.

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How to Prevent Diabetes

How to Prevent Type II Diabetes

Last year a co-worker got married and a group of the employees attended the wedding together (note: we all worked for a health food store). During dinner my husband noticed the 3 of us (unbeknownst to us) staring across the room with SHOCK on our faces. He glanced over to see an overweight little girl

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Exercises for low back pain

Exercises for Low Back Pain

Have you ever woken up from a restful night’s sleep only to feel an unexplained aching pain in your low back? Low-back pain is one of the most common complaints among adults in the United States and is one of the top reasons people miss work according to the Center for Disease Control. Back pain

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5 numbers to remember for your health

5 Numbers to Remember for Your Health

Everyone knows that it is important to take care of your health, but I understand how overwhelming it can be to keep track of everything. There are many numbers in addition to the ones I will discuss here that can be tracked, but I chose these 3 measurements because they are easy to measure. Your

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7 little changes that make a big difference in your health

7 Little Changes That Make a Big Difference in Your Health

Have you ever heard the saying that it takes 21 Days to create a habit? Well here we are, 22 days into 2014- how have you done with your new years goals so far? Don’t worry if you haven’t been perfect, change is hard- especially lifestyle change. In their book Switch, the Heath brothers discuss

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habits to keep you young

Are Your Habits Making You Older or Keeping You Young?

Why is it that some people age gracefully while others don’t? Genetics and family history are an undeniable contributing factor, but I believe that our overall lifestyle plays a major role as well. I have always been fascinated by the subject of longevity, which is what lead me to study Exercise Science & Health Promotion.

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Maximize Your Cardio Exercise Results

Cardiorespiratory exercise has long been the darling of the medical community and a hallmark for a healthy lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean that you enjoy it. Sure some people manage to find an enjoyable element in waking up at 5am for a run, but most of us hate the idea of spending hours of the week running,

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strength training

How To Design an Effective Strength Training Program

Strength training is a very important aspect of an overall fitness regimen and healthy lifestyle. Most men usually understand this and have no hesitation about going to the gym. Women and older adults (55+) on the other hand are rarely as enthusiastic about lifting. This is a shame, as women and older adults are the

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foods you should buy organic

12 Foods You Should Buy Organic

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle eating real, whole foods is of top priority. A healthy diet includes an abundance of fresh vegetables, lean meats, fruits, and heart healthy fats. When it comes to choosing your foods at the grocery store it is important to remember that quality does matter. After all, the

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How to Make Exercise Fun

How To Make Exercise Fun

Exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle. Exercise does not always have to be the highlight of your day. It’s true that at some point you have to “stuck it up” and get it over with, but your overall mindset towards exercise should be positive because you should be doing something that you enjoy. Common Exercise

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