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I believe that healthy living is a choice and we have the power and responsibility to choose healthy habits every day. My mission is to provide useful, and practical information to promote healthy living. I work to teach my clients eating and exercise habits that are sustainable for life.
"Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow."

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The Ultimate Paleo Guide

Crossfitters do it, beautiful celebrities like Jessica Alba sware by it, and unless you have been living under a rock for the past 5 years, it is likely you’ve heard of the Paleo diet… I mean “Lifestyle.” Paleo has been steadily gaining popularity and for good reason. We live in a culture that is barely

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Cinnamon Bacon Bites

Cinnamon Bacon Bites

Today I was craving a treat. This happens a lot on the weekends for many of the clients I work with. During the week we have a plan, we have our schedule and for the most part- we can stick to it. On the weekends though it’s easy to overindulge and undo all of the

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Beets in Houston Texas

Seasonal Eating: Reasons & Ways to Enjoy Beets

Wondering what all the buzz is about surrounding beets? In this post I share health benefits and recipes so you can join in on this amazing vegetable while it’s still in season. This weekend while walking through the Eastside Farmers Market I couldn’t help by notice the vibrant color of the beets! Beets are well

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The best & worst foods for longevity

The Best & Worst Foods for Longevity

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the seemingly conflicting fitness and nutrition information out there? Health is a hot topic these days and it seems that you cannot log into Facebook without seeing an article on diet or exercise pass through your feed. It’s great that people are interested, but pure information outside of the

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Metabolism Boosting foods for 2015

Metabolism Boosting Foods for 2015

Happy New Year to you! Did you know that about half of the adults in the United States made a new years resolution last year? Not surprisingly, 3 of the top 10 resolutions had to do with improving ones’ health, with the #1 resolution being to lose weight. As you know, there is no magic

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Paleo Recipe

Paleo Recipe: Turkey-Bacon Meatballs

I don’t know about you, but I am always on the lookout for a healthy recipes to mix-it-up and keep my testbeds guessing. Today’s recipe is brought to you courtesy of from my {new} favorite company, EMeals. This company takes the stress out of meal planning by offering weekly menus to match your diet. Whether

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Learn to Love Your Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are the superstar of vegetables. They have very little calories and carbohydrates but tons of nutrition and fiber which means they fill you up without filling you out. Dark green leafy vegetables are also a great source of nutrients like vitamins A, C, E and K and contain antioxidants that protect your cells.

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Meal Planning Made Simple

Meal Planning Made Simple

Do you stress out about meal planning for you and your family? Eating healthy always sounds good in the beginning, but turning all that talk into action is where most people get stuck. Below you will find my favorite resources & tips for meal planning and meal preparation. 5 Tips for Successful Meal Planning 1.

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Reasons You Should Never Eat Cereal Again

3 Reasons You Should Never Eat Cereal Again (and 5 quick & healthy options to replace it)

Breakfast is the “most important” meal of the day, Wheaties is the “breakfast of champions”, and Cheerios are “heart healthy” right? Lies, all lies! I was a cereal loving kid, that turned into a cereal loving adult, but as I got older I realized that I was never really full after eating cereal. During my

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What's the deal with artificial sweeteners?

What’s the Deal With Artificial Sweeteners?

We have all heard some scary facts about the intake of sugar and the risk for obesity, diabetes, and other lifestyle related diseases. So many people turn to artificial sweeteners and diet foods in an attempt to make a healthy choice- but is it really healthier? A quick google search for any of these artificial

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Seasonal Fall Foods

Fat Burning Superfoods for Fall

The fall months are like another January to me. It’s a fresh start. Summer is coming to a close and it’s time to get everything back on track. The autumn weather also brings some of my favorite flavors into season. Eating seasonally will give you the opportunity to try new things and keep your healthy

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What's THAT doing in my food?

Find Out What’s Really in The Food You’re Eating

You’re a typical American trying to do your best to eat healthy and help your family do the same. While browsing the grocery store aisle, you decide to pick up a box of Shredded Wheat Cereal. “I know I am suppose to eat whole grains….” you think to yourself. “..and this cereal even has blueberries!

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Reasons to Love fish oil

How to Buy the Right Fish Oil

Fish oil has been popular supplement for heart health but many people still don’t really understand it. This post will explain everything you need to know about the health benefits fish oil has to offer and how to make an informed choice when purchasing the supplement. 5 Reasons to Take Your Fish Oil Daily 1.

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How to Prevent Diabetes

How to Prevent Type II Diabetes

Last year a co-worker got married and a group of the employees attended the wedding together (note: we all worked for a health food store). During dinner my husband noticed the 3 of us (unbeknownst to us) staring across the room with SHOCK on our faces. He glanced over to see an overweight little girl

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