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I believe that healthy living is a choice and we have the power and responsibility to choose healthy habits every day. My mission is to provide useful, and practical information to promote healthy living. I work to teach my clients eating and exercise habits that are sustainable for life.
"Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow."

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Are Alkaline Foods Good For Your Health

Are Alkaline Foods Good for Your Health?

Have you heard of someone treating an illness with fruit and vegetables? Or seen any juice fast or heard someone preach the benefits of a vegan diet? Today I would like discuss something that all of these diets have in common: A focus on nutrient dense, alkaline forming foods. First, let’s have a little review

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Food Allergy

Food Allergies: 7 Foods to Watch Out For

Ever wake up after a night of indulgences to an upset stomach? How about puffy eyelids? Bloating? Stuffiness? Have you ever stopped to consider that the foods you’re eating are the culprit? According to a study released in 2013 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, researchers estimate that up to 15 million Americans

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Decoding the Glycemic Index

Decoding the Glycemic Index

It is likely that you have heard of the Glycemic Index and it is equally likely that you are confused about it. 🙂 The Glycemic Index (GI) is an indicator of how much a food raises your blood sugar when compared to a benchmark (pure glucose, which has a measurement of 100). The GI only

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Burn More Fat: Add Protein to Your Diet

Burn More Fat: 6 Ways to Add Protein to Your Diet

It has been said that abs are made in the kitchen and I couldn’t agree more. Exercise is essential for shaping our bodies, but it is nutrition that really determines what our body looks like particularly in our midsection. Adequate dietary protein is the key ingredient for stimulating the metabolism and is where you should

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american eating habits

Are Americans Eating Better?

I came across this article the other day in the Washington Post and just had to say something about it. I know many of the nutrition bloggers and experts will look at this and tear it apart. Personally I am happy to see anything that promotes healthy eating for kids. it’s a great first step,

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how to prepare your home for healthy eating

How to Prepare Your Home For Healthy Eating

We’ve all heard the saying “you are what you eat” and there is definite truth to that. The foods we choice to eat will provide our bodies with the building blocks for our all of our body’s systems. What you eat will determine the health of your bones, heart, brain, and joints so make sure

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Tips for a Healthy Holiday

5 Tips for a Healthy Holiday

Americans gain on average of 5 lbs between Thanksgiving and the New Years holiday. To fully appreciate the negative impact this can have, read the previous post on how fat cells work. Fortunately, this trend is avoidable with a little mindfulness. Below I have outlined a few ideas to help keep you on track this time of year.

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planning for nutrition success

How to Plan for Nutrition Success

Essential Kitchen Tools Besides the obvious dishes and utensils, make sure you have the following on hand to prepare & store your healthy meals. A Chef’s knife & paring knife Storage containers (at least 3 large & 3 small containers, plastic is OK but glass Pyrex is my personal choice) Cutting board (at least 2

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How to read nutrition labels

Reading Nutrition Labels

Today I am going to give you some quick tips on reading nutrition labels. While far from being perfect, the nutrition label is a great way to begin educating yourself about the foods you eat.  I believe it is best to get the majority of our meals from minimally processed foods like lean meats and

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super food

Super Foods to Include in Your Diet

The term “super foods” is used to describe foods that are exceptionally high in nutritional content and many have also been recognized for their anti-inflammatory / anti cancer properties. It would be wise to include as many of these foods in your diet as often as possible while removing the junk foods, as I discussed

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healthy eating at home

Preparing Your Home For Healthy Eating

The first step to eating healthy is to decide to do so, but the second (and perhaps most important) step is to prepare your house for success. Foods to toss out: Chips & crackers Chocolates or candy Soda/pop/sweetened drinks Alcohol, especially flavored/sweetened mixed drinks Instant foods like cake mixes and mashed potatoes Margarine and other

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16 healthy on the go items you can find at CVS

16 Healthy On the Go items found at CVS

Healthy eating requires planning and preparation, but we’ve all had days when we were forced to eat out & weren’t prepared for it. Today as I passed by a CVS I decided to wander around to see what healthy options there were to eat on the go. To my delight, I found that it is

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foods you should buy organic

12 Foods You Should Buy Organic

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle eating real, whole foods is of top priority. A healthy diet includes an abundance of fresh vegetables, lean meats, fruits, and heart healthy fats. When it comes to choosing your foods at the grocery store it is important to remember that quality does matter. After all, the

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sports nutrition

Eating Right for Sports Performance

Performing well during physical activity comes down to eating right every day. Without a solid foundation of nutritious food, the results of your exercise efforts will be limited. Below are some guidelines to help fuel your body right! Eat clean Focus on real foods that are loaded with vitamins and minerals as opposed to highly

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