Meal Planning Made Simple

Meal Planning Made Simple

Do you stress out about meal planning for you and your family? Eating healthy always sounds good in the beginning, but turning all that talk into action is where most people get stuck. Below you will find my favorite resources & tips for meal planning and meal preparation.

5 Tips for Successful Meal Planning

1. Don’t cook more than your family can eat in 3-4 days.

2. Prep meal components, not full meals. Try to prep foods that can be used in several different meals.

3. Cook now. Season later. Cook things plain and add spices when assembling your meals.

4. Multi-task. While things are baking in the oven, you can be chopping veggies and cooking something on the stovetop.

5. Cook extra when you’re not busy and fill up your freezer for those busy weeks when you can’t prep as much as you’d like to.

EMeals Meal Planning Service

If you’re looking to outsource all of the planning work, you with love this! Emeals is a service where you can choose your meal plan (Paleo, Vegetarian, Home-cooked Meals, etc) & your family size (1-2 people or 3-6) for a full meal plan & grocery shopping list for your chosen meal preferences! It takes all of the stress out of meal planning! And it’s only $5-$10 per month!

Meal Planning Made Simple

3 Great Resources For Meal Prep Ideas

Slow Cooker Meal Prep
Slow Cooker Recipes by

30 Days of Lunch Box Meal Ideas by

Mason Jar Salad Mason Jar Salads by

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now” ~Alan Lakein

Change Your Eating Habits, Change Your Life

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