how to beat food cravings

How to Beat Food Cravings

Have you ever started your day off with good intentions only to sabotage yourself with a candy bar, cookie, or bag of chips? I’ve been there & it sucks! Being a former sugar addict myself, I have learned the importance of regulating my blood sugar throughout the day to control my sweet tooth.

“There are two types of pain you will go through in life, the pain of discipline and the pain of regret. Discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.” ― Jim Rohn

6 tips for beating your food cravings

  1. Think about how you feel when you “give in”- Do you feel better about yourself? Does giving in  increase your self-confidence or make you feel like crap? Before you give in, stop to consider if it’s really worth beating yourself up over later. Know what your values are and what is really  important to you. Chances are that your health and self perception are more important than your desire to overindulge.
  2. Think about how you feel physically when you eat these foods. Notice how crummy these foods really make you feel. They won’t give you energy, they will drain it and probably give you a stomach ache too. NOT WORTH IT.
  3. Plan ahead- grocery shop & prepare your meals ahead of time to avoid last minute indulgences. Don’t be afraid to carry a lunch box with you. Here is a grocery shopping guide and here is a review of basic cooking skills. Make time for this. Again, think about how much you value your health. Is watching another 2 hours of TV per week more important than planning ahead to take care of yourself? Probably not…
  4. Eat quality protein every 3 hours with your meals and snacks. This will stabilize your blood sugar levels and increase your self control. Here are over 30 ideas for quick & easy high protein snacks.
  5. Eat before you are hungry (about every 3 hours). Keeping your hunger at bay is critical when it comes to self control and increasing your metabolism. Just keep the meals & snacks small ~200 to 400 calories each for most depending on your goal. Here are a few ideas of meals that can be done for about 250 calories.
  6. Avoid high sugar foods. I addressed this in the last post, but this is HUGE when it comes to controlling your blood sugar and your cravings! High sugar foods will make us WANT MORE and can lead to you finishing a sleeve of Oreos before you know it (been there- done that- NOT worth it!). My advice: keep them out of the house and out of site. I will again recommend reading Mindless Eating for anyone who doubts the importance of this. Willpower is a limited. Make your home a safe place where you can truly relax without the pressure of needing to self regulate.

Let’s create a better, healthier you!

Yeah, I know… the fitness world can be a confusing place, even when it comes to something as simple as understanding what to eat.

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